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By Franto Hruz, April 26, 2006 4:00 AM PST

Now is the best time to start!

You can simply make up a few web pages right here on MySite to get the feel of it. Share information about an event, interest, or hobby with others by writing an article, a special report, or an eBook about it. If you don't want to write or creat your own product, there are many top quality things you can sell online as an affiliate. has a whole list of things which pay a very respectable commission.

You can choose to creat your own marketing system using simple tools for automation. The better choice is to go with an 'All Inclusive Hosting Service' so you get all your autoresponders and all the other tools integrated and included at the same price. An autoresponder is one of the most useful tools to start with. It will not only send out replies to all your regular requests for information, collect all the names and email addresses and build a customer list for you. It will let you send out special offers to the entire list when ever you have a deal you think would be of interest to the people on your list. Your autoresponder is like your workhors. You can get a whole set of online tools and utilities which include a lot more when you start with ThirdSphere . The fee is low and once you register a few sub-affiliates, you get to make money with this great service on top of having all the tools to follow up on any offers you mailed to your list. These mailings should direct the reader to a web page where they can get more detailed information and enter their order online.

Include a byline, a link to a web page or a photo with your mailings. The most important thing is to ask for an order.

How do you get paid?

Here are a few of the better known online payment systems. Open a free account with all of them so it will be more convenient to many to do business with you.

Online Payment Systems - open a free account with each one:

Get some traffic to your web page!

Here are some good ideas for creating traffic to any web site:

  • Viral AdBoard is FREE and you can offer FREE advertising to your list and your website visitors - by doing so you gain valuable exposure for your offers and biz opps.
  • AdsToSuccess is a powerful advertising program. It will increase our sales and your website traffic with just a few clicks. It's free!
  • WebTrafficJuggernaut makes your ads a lot more viral!
  • LeadsLeap has some of the best viral advertising support tools and they are all free ... you can also download valuable scripts, software and ebooks for resale - all FREE!
  • OrangeLeads is a great promo and income tool! You get a lot of value for FREE, such as an unlimited number of qualified prospects for any of your projects.

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